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Pretty and witty and gay

my life as a Jewcy fruit

Not really an entire Zone..more of a Twilight area
14 August
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My name is Randi, and I'm a little bit of everything. I'm funny, usually, and always up for a good time. I graduated with a degree I love in a useless field, and am now working for rent money, barely making ends meet, but whatever, I'd probably spend it all on booze and underwear anyhow.

I'm a fat high femme queermo, and am loving every minute of it, so if any of those things bother you, haters to the left. I love Jonathan Richman and cupcakes and literature and makeup. Especially makeup.

I love to talk, and do so at length whether I know anything about the topic or not. Feel free to add me!


chim, you're hot like a bowl of hot stew.- cecilydolce

salamandertoast drew a picture of me!